Sunday, 3 August 2014

A couple of reviews of TMA Reprints vol 2 from Lulu. THANKS!

By G. W Dodd
A fantastic book reminding us of a time when you had to look things up in a book rather than a search engine. I bought many of these editions at the time but it's nice to have them all together in one place. Packed with useful information and photos the like of which you won't find in any other books or on any website, it's well worth it if you're a fan of The Persuaders! or ITC filmed series. Highly recommended.

By simon312002
Another fabulous time capsule, all handily compiled in one quite hefty book. For fans of the TV series THE PERSUADERS! (as well as all those other cult ITC series) this is a must purchase. Rare photos, behind the scenes chat, interviews, reviews of merchandise (remember the 'ITC Home Video' releases???) Gosh - brings back many pleasant memories. You could do worse than sit in the back garden on a warm summer's evening and read this book....!

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