Monday, 7 April 2014

The Persuaders! - Italian comic books

The Persuaders! is know as Attenti A Quei Due in Italy - in the mid 1970s, 5 Italian comic books were produced. Issues 1 and 2, and 3 and 4, were collected together and reissued with different cover artwork - both will appear here soon. 

The Persuaders! - UK Hardback (Library only) novels

The Persuaders! hardback (library only) versions of Frederick E. Smith's books, published by Ian Henry Publications in Hornchurch, UK in 1976. Originally costings (£2.70 The Persuaders!, £2.75 The Persuaders! Again and £2.85 The Persuaders! At Large). They are now very rare and I think we'd all agree the cover artwork is terrible!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Persuaders! - Precision video covers

Precision video covers for The Persuaders! compilation films. These cost a small fortune when released - if anyone has the Betamax covers of these please share. These were featured in TMA1 and are shown in black and white in the TMA 1-10 Reprints book.