Thursday, 17 October 2013

Interpol Calling - American Trade Advert

Interpol Calling was one of those ITC series that I had only seen a couple of episodes on a poor quality VHS tape prior to Network's DVD release. So here's a nice little American Trade Advert for the series from 1960 and note that in the USA, ITC stood for Independent  Television Corporation (as opposed to the Incoporated Television Company here in the UK).

On a separate note, I dug out my copies of The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine earlier today and plan to transfer these to DVD. I'm hoping to do some screengrabs of Brett Sinclair's appearance on the show!


  1. Who played Brett? Was it Roger making a cameo or was it footage from a Persuaders! episode?

  2. Roger Moore making a cameo(s)